//On Tour

SIXTY SESSIONS is the event format of the show – a rendezvous of electronic music and fashion, live in the club! This party is a platform for the pioneering sound of SIXTY SESSIONS, where lots of enthusiasts of music and fashion meet up, they who enjoy styling but have no fear of wild partying with smeared make-up at the end of the night! Resident DJ and host Steffen Baumann, dancers and walking acts in constantly changing outfits, stunning visuals and stylish giveaways to create an energetic, sexy atmosphere, which make SIXTY SESSIONS truly a remarkable event.

The dance floor turns into a catwalk, as the fashion context provokes not just dancing queens, but also a disproportionate share of trendies, fashionistas and the styling-obsessed amongst the guests at the club to present themselves to the rest of the club for a night, and to experience something unique together. SIXTY SESSIONS are a form of live communication, stir up emotions and leave lasting impressions!